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The beauty of a Spanish Immersion Program
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Governor School Spanish Academy
One on one Spanish tutoring
The Relevance of Spanish Immersion Programs


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One on On One Spanish Tutoring
Spanish Immersion Programs
Spanish Subject Test


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The beauty of a Spanish Immersion Program

A couple of week ago, I came back from Costa Rica, after having led an 11-day Spanish Immersion trip. The group consisted of 12 students who had the opportunity to live with local families, and experienced their culture first hand. It is always fascinating to witness the impact that this kind of trip has on young learners. Not only furthers their understanding of the language by providing a real life experience, but also opens their eyes to cultural differences.
I am already thinking where to go next year.

You can ask a question

This is the section where I can entertain any questions you may have.

Governor School Spanish Academy

This summer I had the opportunity to attend to the Governor School Spanish Academy in Richmond, Virginia, and I was pleasantly surprised.
It was a group formed by 60 talented High Schoolers who came from every corner of the state.
Th entire ceremony was conducted in Spanish and it was massively attended.
In my mind the highlight of this event was to witness the enthusiasm displayed by all the participants and the sense of accomplishment after several weeks of an intense Spanish Language immersion program.

One on one Spanish tutoring

Have you ever wondered what are some of the advantages of one on one Spanish tutoring?
One good consideration is that it is the fastest possible way to learn Spanish. You are not held back in anyway by other students (which can be a big problem with classes containing groups of people), and the teacher can tailor the lessons around your needs. Another great advantage of the course is that you get to speak to a native Spanish speaking tutor, listen to his pronunciation, rhythm of his speech and practice listening and speaking.

The Relevance of Spanish Immersion Programs

When you learn Spanish  the same way you learn your mother tongue, by living it. In the language school classes are taught entirely in Spanish, speaking in another language is discouraged, and the student live in a Spanish-speaking environment.Many Spanish language schools offer the option of living with a Spanish-speaking family which means that the students hear the language as it is used in real life.
Some considerations about going to a  Spanish language immersion program.
Learning a language can be a lot of fun.

Spanish Subject Test

What are the Spanish Subject Tests?
There are two different Spanish Subject Tests, the traditional Spanish Subject Test and the newer Spanish with Listening Subject Test.
Both SAT Spanish Subject Tests are hour-long , multiple choice exams that are suppossed to measure your knowledge of Spanish.
Why should you take a Spanish Subject Test?
One good reason is that one of the colleges to which you are applying either requires or strongly recommends you take several different SAT Subjects Tests. In this case, you will want to make sure you pick the three subjects that best demonstrate your academic achievement.
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