- Quality Spanish Language Instruction in the Comfort of Your Home

What are the advantages of receiving the instruction in your home or office?
Specially if you live west of Charlottesville, you will be saving time, avoiding traffic and unnecessary stress. Once the lesson is over, you do not have to worry about driving back home.
What are some of the classes offered?
AP Spanish Language and Culture, SAT Spanish Subject Test, Conversation, Spanish for High School and Spanish for Specific Purposes.
Why take one on one Spanish tutoring?
Because it is the fastest possible way to learn Spanish. You are not held back in anyway by other students (which can be a big problem with classes containing groups of people), and I  can tailor the lessons around your needs. Another great advantage of the course is that you get to speak to a native Spanish speaking tutor, listen to his pronunciation, rhythm of his speech and practice listening and speaking.
How are the lessons delivered?
The Spanish lessons are delivered by the instructor in the comfort of your home or office, Monday -Friday, after 4:15 pm. 
How is payment usually made?
Lessons are only offered in monthly prepaid packages of minimum of 4 hours (one hour per week).Personal checks accepted.
I already know some Spanish, do I have to start again?
No, you will be tested using a short test from which I can gauge your level and help you improve from there.
Who are some of your clients?
The College Board, Charlottesville City Schools, University of Virginia, Fork Union Animal Clinic, State Farm Insurance, the Holidays Inn, Alexander Nicholson Construction, James Madison Regional Library, doctors, nurses, high school students both from private and public schools, landscapers, world travelers, etc.
Where do you offer your services?
I serve Charlottesville, Crozet, and Ivy. 
What about class materials?
For the most part I provide and design the instructional materials. Sometimes the student is asked to buy a particular book depending on the nature of the class.
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